Hi! I design, code, investigate, teach and facilitate, mostly in transdisciplinary collaborations, focused on the relation between ecology, human behavior and technology.

My creative practice is an important method for me to learn and explore. I build things to test ideas, and work in close relation with people and environments. My explorations often lead to interactive works that use sound and have a form of autonomy. The audience is invited to engage in a dialog with the work, which, through its changeable nature, elicits play and curiosity.

I'm part of the collective Shock Forest Group.

I'm also a tutor at University of Amsterdam, where I coach interdisciplinary student teams, currently working on
designing fieldwork activities for nature education, in collaboration with the Dutch Institute for Nature Education; and researching the impact of light pollution in Amsterdam, in collaboration with Municipality of Amsterdam.

Next to these things, I like to meditate, dance and make music; and grow a network of interconnected notes and ideas using Obsidian.

What I'm working on now | news

In progress: Listening Towards an Ecological Self: a research and design project with Hanneke Scholten (Twente University) and Thomas van Rompay (Twente University), kindly supported by Creative Industries Fund NL. The project explores the relation between sonic nature environments, physical movement and mental and emotional health, using a custom spatial sound installation.


Okt 2022: started a 2-month residency at Medley Berlin, where I am working on the project Listening Towards an Ecological Self.

July 2022: an essay by Shock Forest Group entitled "This Forest Was Built To Be Bombed", is featured on a new digital exhibition and research project curated by Xenia Benivolski for e-flux entitled "You Can’t Trust Music".

May 2022: demoing a work-in-progress of "Seeds Untold" at Experimental Zone Festival by Sovereign Nature Initiative and De Ceuvel.

March 2022: workshop at Mozilla Festival's Neurodiverse Wellbeing space: Play, connect, relate! Exploring game mechanics to create meaningful connections

January 2022: interview with Digital Society School: Designing for autonomy: a conversation with Jelger Kroese