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I'm a social designer, teacher and practice-based researcher. I work across disciplines - human development, ecology, psychology, improvisational arts, sound and educational technology - but generally focus on how a growing understanding of ourselves, social dynamics and the creative process can change our sense of how we should live.

I currently work on Listening Towards an Ecological Self, a research project and spatial sound experience in collaboration with Hanneke Scholten and Thomas van Rompay from Twente University. We investigate how active imagination and bodily engagement in sound environments can
affect ecological awareness and our self-concept.

I'm a member of decentralized art+research collective Shock Forest Group, recently working on Cosmic Radio.

I co-teach and co-design a Master's program in applied transdisciplinary research at University of Amsterdam. My role is to grow a high trust community, and facilitate students' personal and professional development. I also mentor teams working on applied research projects in partnership with public organizations and social enterprises.

I'm part of cooperatively built and managed workplace De Ceuvel.



Jun 2023: a landscape intervention I'm working on with my students is part of the Urban Ecology Field Atlas walk during the solstice celebration at landscape festival "Met andere ogen", organized by Waag.

Apr 2023: talk at Media Technology Msc, Leiden University, titled: "Emergence and relationality between humans, technology and environment".

Apr 2023: exhibition with Shock Forest Group at STRP festival: The Art of Listening.

Apr 2023: talk with Shock Forest Group at Van Abbemuseum, hosted by Charles Esche.

Apr 2023: giving a workshop on play, moral imagination and hope in times of climate change, together with Hanneke Scholten (Twente University) at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Apr 2023: residency with Shock Forest Group in Eindhoven: Cosmic Radio.

Okt 2022: started a 2-month residency at Medley Berlin, where I am working on the project Listening Towards an Ecological Self.

July 2022: an essay by Shock Forest Group entitled "This Forest Was Built To Be Bombed", is featured on a new digital exhibition and research project curated by Xenia Benivolski for e-flux entitled "You Can’t Trust Music".

May 2022: demoing a work-in-progress of "Seeds Untold" at Experimental Zone Festival by Sovereign Nature Initiative and De Ceuvel.

March 2022: workshop at Mozilla Festival's Neurodiverse Wellbeing space.



Visit me at my workspace at De Ceuvel in Amsterdam.

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