Hi! I'm an artist and facilitator working at the intersection of interactive media, sound and ecology. I mostly work in transdisciplinary collaborations, focused on creating positive social impact through combining design, research, storytelling and insights into mental and emotional development.

My creative practice is an important method for me to learn and explore. I build things to test ideas, and work in close relation with people and environments. My explorations often lead to interactive works that have a form of autonomy. The audience is invited to engage in a dialog with the work, which, through its changeable nature, elicits play, curiosity and a new perspective on the relation between nature, human behavior and technology.

I'm part of the collective Shock Forest Group.

I'm a tutor at the Tesla Minor at University of Amsterdam, where I facilitate interdisciplinary student teams in their personal development and their work on applied research projects.

What I'm working on now | news

Ongoing: A research and design project with Twente University on supporting young adults' emotional development through co-creating personal narratives in an interactive spatial sound environment.

Ongoing: growing a network of interlinked notes and ideas using obsidian

March 2022: workshop at Mozilla Festival's Neurodiverse Wellbeing space: Play, connect, relate! Exploring game mechanics to create meaningful connections

January 2022: interview with Digital Society School: Designing for autonomy: a conversation with Jelger Kroese