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Full bio

I studied Liberal Arts and Sciences with a major in Ecology, at University of Amsterdam, and Media Technology at Leiden University's Institute for Advanced Computer Science.

Since 2016, I work part of my time as an independent designer and researcher. I create and participate in group experiences and sound art works as a way of learning and investigation. My work has been presented and exhibited at World Forum for Acoustic Ecology Conference (Listening Towards and Ecological Self, 2023), Medley, Berlin (Listening Towards an Ecological Self, 2022), V2_ (Entangling Territories, 2020), NIME, USA (Perturbation, 2018), ArtsIT, Portugal (Perturbation, 2018), Midsummer Night Festival, Leiden (Teaching Plants, 2017) and Eureka Festival, Amsterdam (Emerging Traces, 2016). For a selection of projects I did between 2016 and 2020, see: archive.

In 2019, I joined decentralized art+research collective Shock Forest Group. We have done residencies and exhibitions at STRP festival, Van Abbemuseum (Cosmic Radio, 2023) and Het Hem (Chapter 2WO, No Camouflage , 2019). We also contributed to the e-flux digital exhibition and research project You Can’t Trust Music (2022) with the publication This Forest Was Built To Be Bombed.

Since 2022, I co-design and co-teach a MSc course in applied transdisciplinary research, at University of Amsterdam. I have setup and collaborated on applied research projects in partnership with Waag, Naturalis, Dutch Institute for Nature Education (IVN), Anatta Foundation and Municipality of Amsterdam.

From 2017 to 2021, I was part of Leiden University's Learning & Innovation Centre. I helped found and led experience design and software development at a team working on immersive educational technologies. Our work primarily explored embodied and spatial interactions to enhance learning experiences.

Since 2021, I'm part of cooperatively built and managed workplace De Ceuvel.


I dedicate a considerable part of the rest of my time to improvisational dance and  meditation.

Selected projects

Listening Towards An Ecological Self

I'm creating and researching a spatial sound experience in collaboration with Hanneke Scholten and Thomas van Rompay from Twente University. We investigate how active imagination and bodily engagement in sound environments can affect our ecological awareness and self-concept. The project is kindly supported by Creative Industries Fund NL (2022 - current)

Sounding Urban Nature

A project in collaboration with Waag Amsterdam and ARISE Naturalis to map the outdoor soundscape ecology of Amsterdam Science Park, and improve the environment for the benefit of human and other life on campus. I setup the collaboration and supervised an interdisciplinary group of Masters students who mapped biodiversity using AI classification of bird sound recordings, organized sound walks to assess students' subjective experiences, and created a landscape intervention to inspire policymakers to consider the interplay of nature, sound and wellbeing in the area development plans. (2023)


Nature Intelligence

I supervised a project to design and scientifically validate fieldwork activities that incorporate the concept Nature Intelligence (NQ) in IVN's youth education program - in collaboration with Institute for Nature education (IVN), Prof. Agnes van den Berg and Dr. Thomas Albers. (2022)


Kroese J., Scholten H. , Rompay, van, T. - Listening Towards an Ecological Self. Presentation at World Forum for Acoustic Ecology Conference 2023.

Shock Forest Group (Katya Abazajian, Sheryn Akiki, Daria Kiseleva, Jelger Kroese, Susanna Gonzo, Nicolás Jaar) (2022). "This Forest Was Built To Be Bombed". Curated by Xenia Benivolski for e-flux digital exhibition and research project entitled "You Can’t Trust Music".

Liu, D., Kroese, J. & van der Heide, E. (2018). "The Development of Bǎi/摆: An Oscillating Sound Installation." Interactivity, Game Creation, Design, Learning, and Innovation. Springer, Cham, 2018. 69-79.

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