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Entangling Territories (2020 - ...)

Ongoing research into animal movements and the human perspective on territory, frontiers and possession. 

Recent scientific data and insights on animal movements seem to challenge the idea that there is a fixed order and hierarchy to our natural world, which can be traced back to theories from western Biologists such as eighteenth-century Carl Linnaeus. I explore the origins of these ideas and ways to formulate and express alternative perspectives.

During V2_’s +MUSEU ZER0  RESIDENCY program, I collected historical information (see Pfeilstorch), scientific data for the Movebank database and created an immersive interactive installation. I also documented environments and animals I encountered during my own movements while traveling from V2_ in Rotterdam to Museu Zer0 in Tavira Portugal by car.

In the installation, the audience is able to  interact with research data on animal movements from the Movebank database, displayed as delicate threads that  produce sounds and vibrations when touched. Overlapping threads cause resonations cascading through the network of threads, highlighting the entangled nature of the animal movements.

The work was presented at a group exhibition in the Ermida de São Roque in Tavira, Portugal, alongside works by Andre Sier, Francisca Goncalves and Matthias Hurtl.

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