Augmented Medicine Spatial CT Viewer (2019)

A HoloLens application focused on enhancing medical students’ understanding of the spatial relations between 2D CT scans and 3D anatomical structures of the human body.

developed for my work at Leiden University's Centre for Innovation, In collaboration with the Internal Medicine department of Leiden University Medical Centre.

CT scans are a vital tool for medical professionals to diagnose and prepare for surgery. The current standard is that doctors view CT scans as a set of 2D images on a computer screen. During surgery however, they have to work with the three-dimensional structures of a patient's body. This requires them to make a mental translation from the 2D CT images to the 3D reality of a patient’s body. Teachers find it challenging to explain how to piece these images together so that students or co-assistants can understand the 3D structure inherent in anatomy.

For this reason, we developed an Augmented Reality app that makes use of the capabilities of the HoloLens to work with CT scans in a new way. The goal: give more insight into the spatial relation between 2D CT scans and 3D structures in the human body.

Using the app, users can view 3D holograms, while still being able to see and interact with other people and the world around them. Next to that, the app has multiplayer networking functionality, allowing for syncing the experience across multiple HoloLens devices. This allows students and teachers to collaborate with digital content in a natural and unique way. For instance, multiple users can inspect, pinpoint and discuss a set of CT scans together by simply walking around the 3D hologram and physically pointing at it. This enables an intrinsically active and social learning setting that would not have been possible with a traditional 2D display.

More information about the project can be found here.


The app was awarded two Halo Awards at VR Days Europe 2019. It received gold in the categories for:

  • Best Applied (Healthcare/Enterprise) and

  • Best University project.



Marlies Reinders, Dorottya de Vries, Beerend Hierck, Franka Luk, Jelger Kroese

Software development:

Jelger Kroese

App and UI design:

Jelger Kroese

3D model design:

Manon Zuurmond

Educational design:

Franka Luk, Dorottya de Vries, Beerend Hierck, Jelger Kroese

Project Management:

Franka Luk, Leontine van Melle