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2014 – 2017   Msc Media Technology, Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science, Leiden University, cum laude

2009 - 2013    Bsc Bèta-Gamma, major Biology (Ecology and Evolution track), University of Amsterdam


Selected grants/awards/residencies

2023      Residency Cosmic Radio (as member of Shock Forest Group), STRP festival, Van Abbemuseum Einhoven

2022      Residency at Medley, Berlin

2022      Grant Fresh Perspectives #6, Creative Industries Fund NL

2020      Residency at V2_ + Museu Zer0 , Rotterdam and Tavira, Portugal

2019      Residency  Chapter 2WO (As member of Shock Forest Group), Het Hem, Zaandam

2018      Best paper award for Perturbation, at ArtsIT 2018, in Braga, Portugal


Selected exhibitions

2023      Cosmic Radio (with Shock Forest Group)      STRP festival: The Art of Listening, Eindhoven                         

2022      Listening Towards an Ecological Self            Attunement in Practice, Medley, Berlin

2022      Seeds Untold                                                    Sovereign Nature Initiative, De Ceuvel, Amsterdam

2020      Entangling Territories                                      Intimate Observations, V2_ + Museu Zer0, Tavira, Portugal

2019      No Camouflage (with Shock Forest Group)   Het Hem, Zaandam

2018      Perturbation                                                     NIME, Virginia Tech, USA

2017      Teaching Plants                                                Midsummer Night festival, Leiden
2016      Emerging Traces                                              Eureka Festival, Amsterdam
2016      Waterschap                                                       IANA science and art symposium


2022 -              Teacher and coordinator transdisciplinary education, University of Amsterdam  

2017 - 2021    Learning experience designer and software developer, Leiden Learning & Innovation Centre, Leiden University

2010 - 2017    Co-founder and cultural programmer, Habitat Amsterdam

2016 - 2016    Design trainee, Studio Roosegaarde

Selected publications

Kroese J., Scholten H. , Rompay, van, T. - Listening Towards an Ecological Self. Presentation at World Forum for Acoustic Ecology Conference 2023.

Shock Forest Group (Katya Abazajian, Sheryn Akiki, Daria Kiseleva, Jelger Kroese, Susanna Gonzo, Nicolás Jaar) (2022). "This Forest Was Built To Be Bombed". Curated by Xenia Benivolski for e-flux digital exhibition and research project entitled "You Can’t Trust Music".

Liu, D., Kroese, J. & van der Heide, E. (2018). "The Development of Bǎi/摆: An Oscillating Sound Installation." Interactivity, Game Creation, Design, Learning, and Innovation. Springer, Cham, 2018. 69-79.

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